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dobre dan :)
After a quite intense work trip to Montenegro the last week, which will not be the last one, I have decided to start seriously to study serbo-croatian-montenegran. Most of the people I have to interact with there do not, or only very basically, speak English or any other language I know, and I simply hate to have always to rely on somebody else to translate. The same thing happened to me 3 years ago with Romanian, which I learned in the space of a few months sufficiently to build on it during further work trips, and I have to say it has been a big satisfaction. I realize though that for learning my first Slavic language all the others I know won't be of much use (Latin, ancient Greek, German, English, Italian, French, Romanian), but I like the idea of confronting this challenge. I also did manage to pick up some "feeling" for it during this week, interesting enough, based on the Slavic words contained in Romanian, mostly. Particularly the food ordering part I had quite well gotten a hang of towards the end of the week :D (OMG the food..)

I will be starting to study on my own, that is my preferred modus operandi, and then interact with others to get some practice. So here my questions:

1)Any of you are fluent in Serbo-croatian-montenegran and want to exercise/learn any of the languages I am fluent in (see above) and are therefore interested in a language exchange?
2)What are the free internet resources for the basics? I have found this here which seems rather interesting to me, but are there others you could recommend? Particularly I'd love any German->Serbian materials, as German is my first language and I find it easiest to study another grammatically complex language from there. I am aware there are lot of commercial German-Serbian learning materials, and I will buy probably some of it sooner or later, but for the beginning I generally just build myself a "frame" of the most important grammar, which I seldom manage to do with most of the "teach yourself xxxx-language" softwares or books, including Assimil and Rosetta.
3)For later use, are any of you aware of serbo-croatian-montenegran news or other online audio resources with subtitles in other languages? I found that for Romanian, and it really helped me a lot.

Hvala puno!
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