Rebecca (deutschen) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hi everyone. *waves*  I just joined and thought I would introduce myself, as well as, ask a question.  I'm Becky, 26 years old and I'm a college student.  My degree (BA in Psych) requires 15 hours of a foreign language, so I'm starting with German this coming up semester.  I actually took a year and a half of it in high school.  I picked it up pretty quickly, so I'm hoping that re-learning will come easily.  I'll also be studying in Norway for a year, starting in fall 2010, as part as my college's study abroad program.  I've been told that it's not necessary to learn Norwegian to live/study there and my classes are in English, BUT I'd really like to learn it still.  Does anyone know of any good websites/books/CD's to check out for learning it?  Any experiences with learning the language you'd like to share? 
Tags: german, norwegian

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