sarah hannah (caramelsapphire) wrote in linguaphiles,
sarah hannah

So, I am a native English speaker who is a heritage learner of Spanish. I've also learned it formally for about six years, so I'm fairly fluent. Or maybe just very conversational. Anyway, not my point.

I am a huge English grammar freak, and I'm always getting annoyed (like it interrupts my reading if there is a typo in a book) by comma splices, sentence fragments, etc, and by the fact that nobody seems to understand that they are mistakes to begin with.

I am spending the summer in Uruguay, so I've been reading a lot of journalistic articles and reviews in class that were written by Uruguayans and Argentineans. But I'm fairly certain what I'm noticing is a general modern Spanish thing, not just a regionalism.

Is it just me and my lack of complete immersion and understanding of Spanish, or does Spanish grammar not really have a problem with what in English would be blatant use of comma splices and sentence fragments and (gasp!) separating a subject from its verb with a comma? I feel like I need a Spanish grammar book--not a textbook, but more like a Strunk and White for the Spanish language. Does anyone know whether what I'm noticing is correct, and whether there are laid out rules for punctuation and sentence construction in Spanish?

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