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Papiamento/Dutch poem

"Atardi" ( "Afternoon" ) by Joseph Sickman Corsen, the first poem in Papiamento ever published ( in 1905 ) - link to the original and its Dutch translation:  

Does anybody know if there's an English translation of this poem and where to find it?

This is how much I was able to decode on my own:  

„In the afternoon”

 I don’t know why but I become sad whenever I see the Sun sink in the sea in the afternoon.

 It may be a presentiment or a recollection; it may be nothing but a question of the way I feel.

 Certainly it may be that I stare at the spot where a pain yet unborn will come from.

 Perhaps somewhere at the bottom of my memory there is an old pain I feel but cannot identify.

 It may also be that it’s my nerves that make me, for no reason, afraid of Darkness and of the murky, bottomless abyss that separates tonight from tomorrow.

 I don’t know what harmony, what secret bind possesses my heart when the day ends;

 But the hour the Sun goes to sleep I can feel the spirit of pain come to me, and it tells me: Wait for the morning!

 Wait for the morning? But so many hours must pass until it dawns! How many stories we don’t know yet the night has prepared for us!

 Before the Sun smiles again, quite a few things will happen; God only knows how many of us Death has swept tonight already!

 I don’t know what causes my pain; but I always become sad when I see the day come to its end.



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