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I'm a writer who got the linguistic bug from my father, who's a professional linguist/translator (I still remember getting yelled at in various languages at the same time while I was a kid)... He's much more impressive than I, knowing almost all the Romance languages and some farther East, as well as Macedonian and Russian.

As for myself, I study languages because well for one thing I love them, and for another, I think they add depth to writing. It always drove me nuts with sci-fi when there were aliens who spoke English! At best, therefore, mine don't do so; yeah I not only study languages I create some too...

Some languages I know a tiny bit of, only because I do a little historical from time to time, and so I sing in Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Flemish and Irish. But otherwise I either only know a tiny bit more of them or want to learn.

What languages do I know/sre studying?

fluent in French
fluent in Spanish
semi fluent auf Deutsch
semi fluent in Scots Gaelic
learning Irish
learning Japanese
learning Kartuli (Georgian)
want to learn Finnish
want to learn Albanian
want to learn Welsh

I have a filter for both Irish and Georgian on my journal here; so you guys can comment or make suggestions if you want:)


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