nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in linguaphiles,

help with an arabic (?) song

The song in question is "Aiwa Ah" by the Lebanese artist Manar. My bellydance troupe has been working on choreography to it; being given to language geekery, I'd like to know what she's singing about and be able to sing along, since I hear it all the damn time. All I can pick out with any certainty is the title and "beledi". My Google-fu fails me, except for turning up the alternative spelling "Aywa Ah".

Can anyone with a better grasp of Arabic track down the (transliterated) lyrics, and/or offer the gist of their meaning? You can listen to the song here. I've also tried searching Arabic pages for the title, but even with the auto-translate option I'm not having much luck.
Tags: arabic

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