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learning solo.

Since I'm currently only partially employed and will probably attempt to find a dangerous hobby if I don't challenge myself with something soon, I'm trying to teach myself some languages. I'm fluent in English and conversational to fluent in German, I've been attempting to teach myself Welsh for quite a while (by use of the BBC's Catchphrase programme and Teach Yourself Living Welsh by TJ Rhys Jones) and know bits and pieces of Latin. I'm interested in bettering all of those, as well as learning Old English/Anglo-Saxon, at least the beginnings of Arabic, and possibly some Hungarian.

...thanks for mentioning it, yes, I am aware I'm possibly waaay overambitious and also, perhaps, completely nutters. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to learning tips and tricks.

My problem mainly is that I don't have anyone to really practise with, since I don't have frequent contact with people interested in languages, including their own; this means that the correcting and evaluating influence of someone else is not helping me along, and I do know how important that is. In the lack of that, what do you suggest for learning? What materials or habits? Most of all, in the eight dull hours a day I spend filing medical charts, what mental language-building exercises can I try to keep my mind active and learning in this slow time so I don't start shrieking that the walls are closing in?

Or rate the possible efficacy of ideas I've come up with on my own-

-listening to BBC Radio Cymru
-finding a Welsh copy of the Mabinogion to read
-reading side-by-side Latin/English versions of the classics
-reading Old English texts in the original, such as Beowulf (I'm in the middle of reading Canturbury Tales to point my mind that direction)


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