katala21 (katala21) wrote in linguaphiles,

Looking for some inspiration?

Hi Linguaphiles!

I'm working on a TESOL master's degree, and I'm having trouble coming up with a good topic for my thesis.  My second language is Japanese, so I want to involve that in some way, and I'm trying to avoid using human subjects because the human subjects review committee at my school takes forever to approve things. 

I'm just wondering if any of you have any ideas...things you've thought "it would be neat if someone looked into that" or something.  Good places to look for inspiration would be great, too!  Feel free to post any random ideas, as in a brainstorming exercise.  I'm just looking for something to spark new ideas!

I also wanted to add that I've been watching this community for a few months now, and I have really enjoyed reading about all the topics that come up here.  This is my first post, though I've commented here and there.  Thanks for all the interesting posts and discussions!


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