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Chinese restaurant menu translations?

Okay, I'm looking up Chinese restaurant menus online and I came across a couple of very interesting dish titles. I'm very curious as to what the actual Chinese words mean because the translations are, well, kind of odd.

The first one is translated as "Buddhist With Fried Bean Curd" and the Chinese given (transliterated, because I don't have a clue how to get the actual text) is "Ðở Chay Xào Tàu Hủ." The second one is translated as "Steamed Head on Shrimp" and the transliterated Chinese is "Ton Hap Nguyen Con." I'm not 100% sure what dialect it is, but I've eaten at their sister restaurant and the specialty of the sister restaurant is Hong Kong-style noodles so my guess is this is Cantonese, but I'm not completely sure. And the text was really small so I had a hard time with some of the symbols in the first transliteration. :( But I'd really love it if someone could give these a try. Thanks!

ETA: Or apparently this is Vietnamese. I'd still like to know what it says, though.
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