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Ok I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I found out that the Maori tv channel has finally put heaps of videos online :) (FYI Maori is the language of the indignenous peoples of New Zealand) So if you're interested in hearing how Maori is, or learning some, you should totally check it out! Some channels are also in English (or bilingual).

Link to Maori TV

The programs are almost all subtitled, the ones you may be most interested in include..
441 - technology (lol I just watched them talk about guitar hero in Maori! Tumeke!)
Maumahara - elders speaking about their lives
Moteata - origin & meaning of traditional songs
Te Kaea - news
Te Tepu - current affairs
Toku Reo - "our language" which teaches you the language in English medium

(can we get a Maori tag please?)
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