Andrew (aindreas) wrote in linguaphiles,


What's a colloquial way to say this in English, in reference to alcohol tolerance? People make comments about my age and alcohol comsumption, and what goes through my head is always don't worry, ich bin schon geeicht. "I'm already ..."? If you don't speak German, geeicht means "gauged, calibrated" and you can say for example ich bin noch nicht geeicht if you haven't learned to tolerate a lot of alcohol. Is there an idiomatic equivalent in English?

Not related, but I made a comment to a friend in avoiding a hilly bike trail ... "ich bin nicht faul, einfach bequem." She asked how to say bequem in English, and I wasn't sure. "I'm not lazy, just not a masochist either" is a bit of a jump, but nothing else comes to mind. Thoughts?
Tags: english, german

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