Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

korean grammar

korean language is beautiful, but hard. >.< in particular, all i feel like i come across are books to memorize the 'key phrases' arranged according to situation, like airport, shopping, dining out, etc. the kind of books mainly geared towards tourists. and the thing is, i want a more...thorough approach, that takes me through the basics like in spanish and french courses, where you learn how to conjugate the present verbs with all the pronouns, etc...

but i'm wondering if the reason korean books don't work this way is, there aren't verb conjugations in the same way?

i'm confused still with the many hierarchic levels/degrees of politeness and informality. and, the particle markers are definitely challenging to get a hold of! does anyone know of good resources to get a more solid grip on korean grammar?

i wish there were a Korean Grammar for Dummies! i so need it. >
Tags: grammar, korean, learning languages

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