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Chinese language study


So I just came back from China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou) for a brief study abroad program relating to Chinese information technology and science and I feel compelled to "master" the Mandarin dialect ... I am a native Cantonese speaker but I am "conversant" or at least I thought I was "conversant" in Mandarin .. After the trip, I am below that. I took about 4 semesters of Mandarin in college .. and now I was thinking about studying intensively for a year ... in China or Taiwan .. I really thought about it .. investing a year and trying to become at least proficient in Mandarin. I can read and write .. at a basic/intermediate level .. so my question is ... where are these programs that offer such opportunity to study Mandarin intensively .. at an affordable rate? I have checked out Cornell's Falcon program .. too expensive. When I stayed in Hangzhou, it was at Zhejiang University ... I could contact the professor there and maybe I can study there? But I prefer Taiwan because it's in the south .. and it's close to Hong Kong and Macau and other places .. but I'm open to any ideas ... if anyone could give me some program links to these language programs I'd appreciate it!

I want to learn how to speak and listen ... after doing this, I hope to get a M.A. in Near Eastern Studies .. .(something completely different but I'll do Arabic another time)
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