Samuel Ekeme N'Diba (ekeme_ndiba) wrote in linguaphiles,
Samuel Ekeme N'Diba

Dissimilation of velars

The classic example of velar dissimilation in Russian is 'легкий' [...çc...], but I've also noticed the same phenomenon in my own speech in the following situation: whenever 'к' preposition precedes a word starting  with plosive velar, it becomes fricative ('к каналу' [xk...], 'к городу' [γg...]). I think I do so because it's virtually impossible to geminate a plosive word-initially or a after a consonant without inserting an auxiliary vowel. The questions are:
a) is it a common (and even standard) or dialectal thing in Russian;
b) are there languages that allow geminated word-initial plosives in general (and velar ones in particular)?


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