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So I've decided to give up my more esoteric language interests for the time being, in order to focus on the languages that are most necessary for me to learn. Trouble is, I'm not quite sure how I should prioritize these, so I'm hoping for some input here.

The four languages are French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

1. French - intermediate level. I'm from Canada, and thus French is a useful language to know, especially being as I'm considering graduate school in Montreal. As well, short-term-wise, good to get jobs in eastern Ontario as well. I will also be spending roughly six weeks in rural France next spring.

2. Spanish - intermediate-advanced level. I have no real particular need to know Spanish, besides the fact that I'm going to be in rural Spain for five weeks next spring, but I find it way easier than French, and believe that if I could just beef up my vocabulary and get some more complicated grammar straight, I could consider myself almost fluent in it, so that would be the draw there.

3. German - beginner. This I want to learn because of my future career plans - I want to be a professional genealogist, specializing in Eastern European and Benelux genealogy, and being as various German empires controlled much of Eastern Europe over the centuries, many records are in German. I will also be in Germany and Luxembourg for about two weeks in the fall. Also, right now I'm living and working in a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands, and one of my co-workers is German, so this could be an opportunity to practice. Others practice German with him, and he enjoys helping others with German, so I know he wouldn't mind.

4. Dutch - beginner. Same reasons as German, and I will be in the Netherlands and Belgium for about three weeks in the fall. I have no Dutch-speaking co-workers, but I do have a South African co-worker who speaks Afrikaans, and she says that she can understand most Dutch. Though I'm not quite sure of how pronunciations could potentially differ here, so I wouldn't want to confuse myself too much.

Advice? I have learning materials for all of them, but if you have any specific suggestions, feel free to add them.

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