Jennifer Sharp (jenisnape) wrote in linguaphiles,
Jennifer Sharp

Learning French

So I am starting to seriously learn French now.
I had French in school (I'm from Canada), but I have forgot almost everything from not using it >_>

The reason I'm learning is that my boyfriend is from Quebec (as in a small french only town). I'd like to be able to speak in his first language, and to speak with his family.
We will also most likely be moving to Quebec, Montreal, or Ottawa in the next year or so, so I really need to up my learning pace.

What are the best programs for learning French?

I've been playing around with livemocha and busuu (I prefer livemocha) but they are a bit boring.

I tried the demo on Fluenz, and I really liked it! But it's pretty expensive...

Also, I am living in the Netherlands right now, so classes are out (And I already took one class at home before moving here and found it to be pretty useless...>_>)

So what would you guys recommend?

TIA! :)
Tags: french, learning languages

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