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I've entered myself into a karaoke contest with some friends of mine and the song I chose to do was Love by Sasha Son (yes, I know it's a Eurovision song but the theme of this contest was "Around The World" and I did not want to sing Fairytale lol)

The thing is, I'd like to perform this song in the same style as Sasha Son did in the actual Eurovision final.

He performs the song for most part in English, which is fine for me BUT at around 2:06 in the video, he switches to what I think is Russian. Which is not as good, because I actually don't know Russian and as a result, I'm completely lost in looking for that last verse on google.

Would anybody be able to help me out by writing out the last verse in the latin alphabet (with some help on pronunciation?)? And if someone could give some sort of clue as to the meaning of what he's singing, that would be really great too. (If it helps, the Russian version of the song is called Odinoky Geroj and it seems to be as if the last verse is from that.)

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me out!
Tags: russian, transliteration

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