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Follow up to "Is your name Ben?"

Like kill, I, too, was kinda sad that post with the variants of "Is your name Ben?" was deleted. It was all in good fun and it seemed like the start of an epic internet meme. lol

That webpage, however, was in my temporary internet files still, so I decided to resurrect it. I couldn't find a place to put it so I've taken screenshots of it and try to remake it somehow and upload it into LJ pics. There are two pages in the cut below. They are huge, the first file for instance is 1184 x 5816 in size and the second one is smaller.

I've blocked out the OP's name and user icon. Since I'm a co-maintainer here, my copy of the post had everyone's IP addresses, so I've blocked out those as well.

One more thing, my copy was dated June 6, 2009 at 11:30AM Pacific Time, so anything after wasn't included.

If you want to translate "Is your name Ben?" into more languages, then feel free to comment on this post. I've turned off comment notifications in anticipation of a large wave of e-mails from LJ. ;-P

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