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Stop making the eyes at me and I'll stop making the eyes at you...

Hi guys! Just a bit of fun for just now, and only because it's been going round and round in my head all day. I'd like to know, in as many languages as possible, (the more ridiculous the better) how to say:

"Dancing to electropop like a robot from 1984."

"1984" in words, not numbers, please! Also, if your language is not written in roman letters, please transliterate! I made a vague attempt at Japanese which is probably totally wrong so feel free to correct it:


(1984 (Sen kuhyaku hachijuu yon) nen kara kita robotto no you ni erekutoro poppu ni odotteiru.)

I'm not sure about "(kind of music)に", but meh! And my (pretty lame) Russian foray:

Танцуя под элэктропопом как робот из 1984 (тысячи девятьсот восемьдесят четвёртого) года.

(Tantsuya pod elektropopom kak robot iz tysyachi devyatsot vosem'desyat chetvyortovo goda.)

Looking forward to seeing some funny answers! :]

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