Евгений (red_listed) wrote in linguaphiles,

What a Wonderful Language

          Beyond question, language is certainly an amazing phenomenon. Not only is language meant for describing events and objects, but it can also help us to measure relative characteristics of objects.
          Think, for instance, of a cake and a pie.
          Can we compare them?
          Certainly. With the help of standard measuring instruments we can compare size, weight, density etc.
          However, it is only by means of language that we can assess another characteristic of these two objects – simplicity.
          What do we usually say when we speak of something that is very easy to do?
          We can use two phrases: “as easy as pie” and “a piece of cake” both meaning “very easy”.
          Now, if
     “very easy” = “as easy as pie”
     “very easy” = “a piece of cake”
     “as easy as pie” = “a piece of cake”.
     And if “a pie” is as easy as “a piece of cake” then “the whole cake” is more difficult that “a pie”.
          Hence a pie is simpler than a cake!


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