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Japanese The Spoken Language workbook question

Hi! I can not recall if I have ever introduced myself here, but I've been part of the community for a bit. Madly in love with language and all of that, like I imagine most of us are, and currently studying Japanese.
(From here it's Korean, Tagalog, Mandarin. That fills up my next few years quite neatly, I think.)

I have a question that I hope isn't inappropriate for the comm; I could not find anything against it in the rules. I am using the Japanese: The Spoken Language textbooks (along with what is perhaps an unhealthy number of other books and sources) to learn Japanese at the moment. While I have access to the eavesdropping recordings, which you listen to and then answer questions about, I have no way to check my work. I am wondering if there is a website or workbook that would have an answer key? So far I have searched to no avail, finding only the teacher's guide, which is rather intimidating and well past my current reading ability. Might you have any suggestions?

I know that it probably sounds a bit suspicious, but I can assure you that while I am studying by the textbook I am not currently enrolled in any course for the language; and that while I intend to take classes in it next year, there's no guarantee I'd go back into the JSL program, and certainly not at this level.

So if you can point me at a workbook, teacher's key(in English), slightly-dodgy website or anything of the sort that could give me an answer key for the eavesdroppings and check-up quizzes, so that I could check my work--and I am definitely willing to pay for a legitimate source!--I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

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