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grammar help in spanish

i'm translating somethign small for a friend i want to make sure i got the jist of what she wanted, but its been about a decade since i took spanish. Could somone be a dear and give this a gramar once over (i've checked it myself i just want someone else to doubble chek if you would)

Parents and Families-
For our June bulletin board we will be doing “things we have learned outdoors/enjoying the great outdoors” theme. While we will have class pictures with things that we have done outdoors we also ask if you could bring in a picture or two of you and your child (even the whole family) enjoying the outdoors. If you could bring these in on or before June 1st, that would be great! Thank you.

Padres y familias—
Para nuestro pared, tenemos la tema de “ cosas que gustamos hacer en el aire libre/ gusta de la fuera.” Vamos a tener un foto del clase en aire libre, queremos que llevan un foto de usted y su niño o la familia. Si puede traerlos antes del primero de Junio, será muy bien. Muchas gracias!

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