superstar_eylul (superstar_eylul) wrote in linguaphiles,

translation request

Hi everyones,
I can't find an active translation com, so I was hoping someone would be so kind as to translate this song to Finnish (and Icelandic if at all possible) for me please? That'd be wonderful. Thanks so much to anyone who can help :)

I've tried to hold myself together
Tried to forget you've gone away
The tears I've cried, they won't subside
Unless the music starts to play

The music keeps coming on and on and on

Heartbreak makes me a dancer, dancer
DJ give me the answer, answer
Love, stop getting me down, down, down
I couldn't do it alone
Heartbreak make me a dancer, dancer
Keep my heart beating faster, faster
Love, stop bringing me down, down, down

I need to feel I'm getting stronger
Long as I'm moving it feels true
And with each step, I will forget
Forget all those memories of you
The music keeps coming on and on and on
Tags: finnish, icelandic, translation

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