Marissa (smnwaters211) wrote in linguaphiles,

Czech telephone call?

Hello everyone! :D

You are my ultimate language resource. I love you.

Now that that's over with, I have an odd request... Tomorrow night I need to call my best friend at her house in Prague. Chances are, SHE won't pick up the phone, so I'll have to let them know what I want. But no one speaks English, and I don't speak Czech. AT ALL. I'm fine with French, most Japanese, and I can pronounce Ancient Greek, Italian, and German okay as well...

Knowing that, is there any way that you can help me learn how to say "Hello, is Jana there?" or "Hello, may I please speak to Jana" (or whatever phrase is culturally appropriate)? I do NOT know how to pronounce Czech (or Russian), so that might be one difficulty...

I know that I could just say her name and hope for the best, but I really want to put more effort into it than that. I'm sure you all understand. ;) Thank you very much in advance! ^^


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