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Con fallas, y sin nombre!

I'm a child of Spaniash (oooh always wanted to say that!). However, thing is, I grew up speaking Spanish, but not actully writting it. It wasn't until I got to high school that I started writting it, and that's only because of the mandatory two year language classes. (I asked for French, they gave me Spanish. Still quite bitter about that....) Anyways, what I want to ask you all is: what are some good books for people who already speak Spanish, but just want to brush up on their skills? Or is it reccomendable to start with the beginner books?

And since we're on the topic of Spanish.....

About a week or so ago, I watched the movie, "Sin Nombre." A couple of things caught my attention. While it doesn't surprise me that they used "Vos" instead of the "Tu/Usted," form, it did, however strike me as odd that at one point, one of the main protagonists used "Vos" to reffer to someone in the third person singular. Can't exactly remember the full quote, but it was something along the lines of "He knows that...." I believe. Oh! Should point out that three of the main characters were from Honduras, and the others from the very tip of Southern Mexico. Now, can "vos" be used to reffer to someone in the 3rd person singular, or did they just mess up on the subtitles?

One last thing about things I found odd in the movie. When they used the imperative form, it sounded, umm, funny to me. E.g:

"Partir = Parte!" Right? Well when they said it it sounded more like "part-TI-te!" (In the context of departing/leaving) And well, "Le-VAN-tate!" Sounded like "Levan-TA-te!" Stress on the 2nd to last syllable. Is this just a Honduran/Southern Mexico thing, or found elsewhere too?
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