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Name pronunciations - new batch

Another season, another massive batch of names for me to convert into phonetic versions for people to read out at ceremonies. As usual, my marathon efforts have left me with a few question marks.

Can anyone out there help me with the pronunciation of the following names? What I put down has to be a reasonable approximation that's easy for an Australian English speaker to read out loud. Let me know in the comments if you need more details - I'm reluctant to post names in full here for privacy reasons. Any tips on Google-fu to figure out origins, pronunciations, etc. for this sort of thing, or helpful websites other than Forvo and Inogolo also welcome. (btw, they only give me about a week to do these, so posting them on Forvo/Inogolo in the hope that a native speaker will record them within a few days isn't likely to help!)

1. Agius (Maltese surname): I knew someone with this surname who pronounced this "Ay-jee-us", but she may have been anglicising it, as I've found conflicting pronunciations online for this.

2. Josan Sobredo. The surname is Spanish, I think, but is "Josan"? Should it be "Ho-sahn" (=approximation of Spanish J) or something else?

3. Strachan: Strawn? Strahn?? Stra-hahn??

4. Neupane: Nepalese, I think, but I can't figure out how it's pronounced. "Ner-pa-neh" maybe?

5. Demirdjian: (Armenian?) Pronunciation? Is the J pronounced like an English Y?

6. Gladshtein: Glad or Glahd? Shteen, Shtane or Shtyne?

7. Maina: (Swahili?) Mane-ah or Ma-eena?

8. Krasavcic: Is '-cic' pronounced "chick" or "chitch" in this instance?

9. Cwebile: (southern Africa?) Completely flummoxed by this one. Kweh-bee-lay?? All pronunciation tips welcome.

10. Tecle: (surname, unknown origin) No idea. Teckle? Teck-leh? Tess-leh?

11. Sleimen: Slay-men? Sly-men? Slee-men?

12. Massaquoi: (surname, possibly Liberian) Is that "quoi" as in French? If not, how's it pronounced?

13. Debrework Antachew: (Ethiopian, perhaps Amharic?) Are those Ws pronounced as in English or as in German??

14. Wei Fie: Chinese given name, but how would "Fie" be pronounced? Fye?

15. Ostrognay: (NE European language?) Oss-trog-nay? Oss-tron-yay? Something else?

16. Tuhcic: (Albanian?) Ter-chick, maybe? Am getting confused by the diacritics on Cs in Eastern European languages. One person told me a final C on a surname is always č (ch), but some websites seem to say that some languages have ć (ts) on the end of surnames.

Thanks in advance!

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