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Vidocq review

Bonjour. I am a first-semester student of the French language, and for my final project, I am to watch a film and write a little bit about it, the characters, and how I liked it. We're only meant to use simple present tense, mostly, but I dove a little into the present subjunctives.

Would anyone like to do me a huge favor and proof-read this? I think I got most of the femm/masc points right, and the accent marks right, but if there's anything messed up too terribly, can you let me know?

Thank you so much!

Quand Vidocq meurt, son biographe Étienne continue son travail résolver le mystère de l'alchimiste et le meurtres de foudre. L'alchimiste est trés magique. Il emploie sang vierge pour faire un masque de miroir absorber âmes de l'homme.

C'est un film trés interessant. C'est le premier film être filmé tout digitalement. Il y a quatre personnages importants.
Vidocq est le personage principal, exécuté par Gerard Depardieu. Vidocq est basé sur une vraie personne, Eugène François Vidocq, un criminel qui devient un détective.
Étienne Boisset, exécuté par Guillaume Canet, est le biographe de Vidocq. Il est timid, mais, aussi il se met toujours en avant.
Nimier, exécuté par Moussa Maaskri, est un alcoolique et l'associé de Vidocq. Il est trés méchant et triste et loyale.
Préah, exécuté par Inés Sastre, est une amie de Vidocq. C'est une trés belle fille. Elle fasses semblant être chinoise au fétichisme quartier.

J'aime Vidocq, parce que il est sombre, et la cinématographie est trés belle. J'adore le "steampunk" élément. Il y a rein je n'aime pas au sujet de Vidocq. C'est la raison j'ai choisi ce film-là.

La fin est une grande surprise.

When Vidocq dies, his biographer Étienne continues his work to resolve the mystery of the alchemist and the murders by lightning. The alchemist is very magical. He uses virgin blood to make a mirror mask to absorb human souls.

This film is very interesting. It's the first film to be filmed all digitally.
It has four main characters.
Vidocq is the main character, played by Gerard Depardieu. Vidocq is based on a real person, Eugène François Vidocq, a criminal who becomes a detective.
Étienne Boisset, played by Guillaume Canet, is the biographer of Vidocq. He is timid, but also, he is pushy.
Nimier, played by Moussa Maaskri, is an alcoholic, and the partner of Vidocq. He is very mean and sad and loyal.
Préah, played by Inés Sastre, is a friend of Vidocq. She is a very beautiful lady. She pretends to be Chinese in the fetish district.

I love Vidocq, because it is dark, and the cinematography is very beautiful. I adore the "steampunk" element. There is nothing I don't like about Vidocq. That's the reason I chose the film.

The ending is a big surprise.

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