Firerose Arien (firerosearien) wrote in linguaphiles,
Firerose Arien

Hola a todos.

I'm in an MA program in history, and one of the requirements is passing a language exam. I will, at some point soon, take this exam in Spanish since it's the only non-English language in which I can hold a conversation.

As practice for an exam that is a pure translation exam, I thought I'd try, well, translating the two Spanish novels I have from my brother's ex, El Asalto and El Sur

I just started El Asalto, and got most of the way down the first paragraph, but this phrase is confusing me:

"pues antes de que yo pudiese reventarla se volvió asustada". The only part I got is the end--'she returned frightened', but 'pudiese reventarla' is throwing me. Help?

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