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A bit more help with Japanese translations

Hi. I was in here a couple of weeks ago asking for help with a couple of sentences from an interview of a band that I was translating from Japanese to English. I've got a few more questions from the same one, now. Answers this time, instead of questions. Some have me totally baffled. A couple have me going "...I really feel as though I SHOULD understand this, but I just don't". Help would be appreciated immensely. I'm trying to get this done for fans of the band who only speak English, so I want it to be accurate and complete if possible.

Question: "What type of person do you see yourself as?"

("Someone who pursues my dreams"?)

("Someone who seems untroubled and confidant"?

Question: "What is the moment that made you most proud?"

(...I can't even make a guess on this one. It sounds like he was proud that he could use a bad pick-up line to me, so I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding it)


Question: "What is your most embarrassing memory?"

Question: "What is something you absolutely can't stand?"

(Um...yeah. I'm not sure if he's saying he doesn't know, or if he's annoyed by people who can't make up their minds, or something completely different)

As always, thanks in advance, and sorry for the pointless spam.
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