theunixgeek (theunixgeek) wrote in linguaphiles,

Swahili Questions

Is there any difference between the usage of nzuri and that of njema in Swahili? I was looking through the FSI course for it ( and while the book read "nzuri," the speaker on the tape said "njema." I'm wondering if it was something they changed in a later edition due to semantic value or if it was simply random because they're interchangeable.

EDIT: After studying a bit about noun classes in Swahili, would it be safe to say that nzuri and njema are equally class 9 (things, natural elements, abstract) nouns?

EDIT 2: Is it just a coincidence that "book" in Swahili is kitabu and the same word for it in Persian is کتاب ("ketab") or is there some actual linguistic connection between the two?

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