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Online German technical dictionary?

Anyone have a link to an online dictionary with a good selection of recent technical terms, for German?

I'm thinking of something like Québec's Grand dictionnaire terminologique, from their office de la langue française: it offers not only French, but English-to-French and vice versa, and some Latin terms. And it offers them in context: "to save" means something quite different in, say, information technology, sports, and cooking, and this dictionary has that. I use it constantly.

So today I got a contract for some German work, and it's specifically very technical - web-server type technical, things like "domain name server" and so on. None of my paper dictionaries are new enough to have much of this vocab yet. Any thoughts? I'm not really in a position to get my hands on other paper dictionaries before the work needs to be done, so it needs to be online resources if possible.
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