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Spanish medical report

Hi guys,

I've been translating a Spanish medical report for a case at work (how'd I manage that one?!) and I've cracked it - all except for one word near the bottom.

The full sentence reads:

(...), y debe recordarse que los valores citados (word I'm stuck on here) son medianos estadisticos.

The word looks like autecionmente, or antecionmente or something similar. The doctor's handwriting is awful, it's taken me ages to work out words with a, e or g in, etc.

It's for a patient who is dying from prostate cancer, and she is giving the average survival rates, but the last paragraph is a massive disclaimer.

I would scan it in but I don't have a scanner... and if I did I doubt it would come out clear enough.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

ETA Cracked it as anteriormente (as the doctor mentions some average surival rates in the paragraph above) - makes sense! Thanks to those who helped.
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