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English & Finnish - Englanninkieli ja Suomen Kieli

 I'm writing a paper on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. This communication theory states that language is linked to thought; what language we speak influences how we see the world. 

Example 1: English speakers link time to money: they spend time, invest it, waste it, give and take it. they borrow, budget, run out, have enough to spare, find and lose time.
Example 2: English has different words for snow, ice, and cold. The Eskimos have one word for snow, but use a multitude of verb inflections to represent the exact condition. The Aztecs however, have no word for any of that.

My paper (due Monday at 11AM, btw!) is dealing in detail the differences of the Finnish and English languages. My main point will be that the former doesn't have articles, so switching between the two becomes difficult when one wants to draw attention to a specific object. Can anyone else think of other examples of Finnish/English discrepancies? 

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