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Word of the day mailing lists? French + Spanish + Others?

I want to subscribe to more word-of-the-day mailing lists, specifically in French and advanced Spanish.

French: has a French word-of-the-day, but it doesn't look like they have a mailing list. I'm looking for something I can get directly to e-mail. Any suggestions? I took three years of French in high school and I don't want my skills to rust. Any other entertaining mailing lists in French also welcome! Daily French quotes, jokes, etc.

Spanish: has a nice Spanish word-of-the-day mailing list for beginning/intermediate Spanish. I highly recommend it if you are studying Spanish.

However, I am looking for a mailing list with Spanish native speaker college-level vocabulary. I am a Spanish heritage speaker, already fluent in Spanish and already with a good general vocabulary. Spanish is actually my first language (I started learning English from Sesame Street on TV, ha). I have been practicing Spanish spelling/grammar/translations on my own for a while now (plug: songlations).

I want to expand my vocabulary with the sort of words that I would see in novels (i.e. not regular conversation, movies, music, etc). Think English SAT/GRE-level words. I want that for Spanish.

I Googled, but found nothing. I know we have native speakers here. Any resources for your fellow heritage speakers? Thank you in advance.

Other languages: If you have any other daily mailing lists, feel free to share them. For Japanese, is good.
Tags: french, spanish

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