xochipilli (a_xolotl) wrote in linguaphiles,

Online Italian courses

Hi, I'm looking for a second-semester (elementary/first year) online Italian course that would get me college credit. Does anyone know of a good online Italian program (or great online language programs in general), how one can tell if certain programs are typically accepted as college credit, or have any suggestions as to where I should look? So far, I've repeatedly come across the following sites, and I'd appreciate it greatly if anyone could give some input on if they're worthwhile or not:

Online Italian at the University of North Carolina

Online Italian at University of Wisconsin

Online Italian with Language Trainers

Online Italian with Rosetta Stone

Basically, I'm looking for one that will transfer as a college credit. I'm aware that language learning is probably much more effective in a classroom setting, but that's just not an option at the moment unfortunately. Any advice or suggestions would be amazing! Grazie tante!
Tags: italian

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