deleonjh (deleonjh) wrote in linguaphiles,

Bulgarian and "sarapen"

Hi, so I have a blog titled "Sarapen" which keeps attracting surfers from Bulgaria (don't bother looking for my blog unless you like reading posts that are more than a year old).  Detective work on my part reveals that these Bulgarians are probably looking for what looks like the page of some presumably Bulgarian girl going by the moniker "sarapen" hosted on a social networking site (the location says Bulgaria).  I got the name of my blog from a Tagalog nursery rhyme, but does "sarapen" also mean something in Bulgaria and/or eastern Europe? The pics on the girl's page are too small for me to make out whether or not she's part-Filipino, which would account for the name. So, linguaphiles, what's up with "sarapen"?
Tags: bulgarian, filipino, tagalog

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