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An Introduction and Help with Latin

I'm a little bit embarrassed by this question.

Anyway, I'm new to your grand language community. Twenty years of experience speaking English as a first language (like most people, I'm still perfecting my fluency - ha). Seven years experience speaking/taking Spanish. I'm not fluent, but I am pretty excellent with the written language and translation.

My interest in any/all other languages is just sort of a light but inescapable hobby.

So I approach you all today with a question about a dead language: Latin, unsurprisingly - a language with which I have no experience, beyond the world of wikipedia and wiktionary.

Most of us may be familiar with the expression "onus probandi," or "burden of proof." I want something like "burden or memory" or "burden of memorial." Does "onus memoriae" do the job properly?

Thank you so much.
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