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Help from native german speakers needed

badge small.jpg

I need to translate this badge into German, and it needs to be zippy and fit on the badge, and all the translations I can think of are lame. The best I could come up with was "Lust für Austausch". Things like "Ich liebe Austausch" "Austausch gefällt mir" seem a bit wordy and plain. (Also have I got the best word for a fun type of swap? Umtausch seemed too serious, and Tausch and Austausch seemed pretty much the same , and I like the sound reduplication in Austausch and have seen it used for things like a casual book swapping club, so it seemed to fit. Am I right?)

The context is these badges are for using at zine conventions for people to wear to show their interest in trading their publications rather than sell them. It can get tiring for people to constantly ask if stall-holders are interested in trading, The tone is supposed to be that you find trading fun and are actively looking for opportunities to do it. My Brighton Zinefest compadre is going to the Müllheim Zinefest this weekend, and we do exchange stuff with the organisers , and I wanted to do some German versions of the badges for him to take with him.
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