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Essay to check. :)

Could you check my homework? It is an opinion essay, 300 words, more or less. ;)
I'd be very grateful. :)

A vast majority of politicians are males, and usually we are startled when we see a deviation from this form. But what would our world look like, if there were more women in power? In my opinion, it would be much more peaceful place to life.
Firstly, women are often considered to be a gentler gender. Generally, they think about others' needs more, than of their own. Compared to man, they donate much more to charity and are more aware of injustice against others. We may assume, that world ruled by them would be a better place to life.
Another thing is a man's behaviour. Even in childhood, boys tend to play games which lead to beat another one. It is a way to say “I am a winner, so I am best” and it does not change when they became adults. As a contradiction, women are trying to establish a rapport. I am sure this way of thinking might bring peace to this world.
Woman are more emotionally stable. While males argue furiously about mere things, women rather try to find a compromise. And when women strive for something, they will do everything to reach their goal, while man lost their enthusiasm very quickly.
From the other hand, people's personalities depend only to some extent on their genders, as there is no rule of genders influence on peoples disposition. It is possible that world would not look any different, whether women were in power, or not. But, In my point of view, females are really suitable to take care of world's politics.
To sum up, I am sure that all of those arguments are the proof, that world ruled, even partially, by women, would be somehow a better place to live.

Please, do not pay attention to my lame arguments, it is late at night. :D And I fail at acting as a feminist.

I have a very big problem with linking words and phrases. Please, help.
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