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Cross-culture Language Mistake

I was looking up nosebleeds in anime and came across moshi-moshi and it reminded me of a really amusing mistake someone once made.

Me, two long-term friends (both of whom know a LOT about anime and J-pop), and a class of German students participated in an online chat with a German class in Niedersachsen and Tim started talking about anime and he typed moshi moshi in and sent it and the German teacher FLIPPED out and stopped the chat immediately. He emailed the teacher I was assissting, Frau M, and sent her a really unpleasant letter about how rude and inappropriate we were. Tim and I are going wtf?! did we do and Frau M was so confused and insulted. It took me a minute of looking at the screen (since Tim screwed up, I was the mediator, apparently) and looking at Tim before I went oh shit. The German teacher thought Tim had misspelled Muschi (meaning cunt) and had called one of his students Cunt Cunt.

lolz for miscommunication!!!
EDIT: Sorry, this was meant to be an anecdote for friends before I realized it was relevant to this comm. It's a bit unrefined but the message is the same.

I'm just going to mention that the usage of curse/rude slang words varies according to region and personal preference. Fotze and Muschi are both inappropriate and highly derogatory words (the equivalents being slang for female genitalia) that should be avoided by beginners/intermediates of the German language. Younger generations of all languages have a tendency to adopt previously insulting words and use them with a frequency unheard of in former generations.

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