'Ofer (lynxypoo) wrote in linguaphiles,

typical eastern european -> english gramatical errors

I'm working on a translation of a French comic book, and on one page there's a girl I presume to be eastern European (admittedly this information is derived entirely from the first words out of her mouth being "Hallo! Salut!" much like the Romanian (?) music group O-zone's famous song "Dragostei din-tei" aka "The Numa Numa song").

ANYWAY, She speaks in very poor French, so in the translation I need her to speak very poor English... But it's been so long since I tried learning Russian that I've forgotten most of the sentence structure that could lead to grammar mistakes. To make it more difficult, she doesn't have very long lines, so there's not much room for it.

Since this IS an assignment, I will refrain from putting up the actual lines so I can just collect general information and apply it to my translation. If this is still a little too much 'doing the homework for me' let me know and I will gladly delete it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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