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Handwriting within different writing systems

I have dyspraxia. In relation to languages, it means I sometimes have trouble with my handwriting. However, I find that writing in Japanese is much easier and my handwriting is a lot more legible.

I put this down to the fact that it has stroke order -- something which keeps everything distinguishable for me. I also find having some form of order to the writing means I tend not to mess up as much with what I'm writing. However, when using the Latin alphabet, everything gets jumbled up and I will write things in the wrong order and especially when I'm taking notes it can become completely illegible. I remember someone making a post -- a good while back -- about their friend inventing a sort of "stroke order" for the Latin alphabet to help him write.

Does anyone else feel the same way, with whatever writing systems they use? Whether you have a LD or not.

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