♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪ (telemann) wrote in linguaphiles,
♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪

It's just Greek to me.

At the end of the Hammer Films 1958 movie, Dracula-- the evil one is finally killed over a Zodiac wheel mosiac on the floor. The movie's set designer really went out for a unusual blend of styles, but the Zodiac wheel's text has piqued my interest. I would imagine the Greek is just the names of the Zodiac constellations and their nicknames, but I looked at the wikipedia entry and what I see in the screenshot doesn't match. Dracula's ring was deliberately put on Aquarius the water sign for the movie's final frames, the sign represented rebirth, etc.

Would anyone familiar with the movie or Greek (or both ;) be able to tell me what the text is?

Thanks so much!
There is another image of the Zodiac wheel behind the cut.


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