Qi Chin (qichin) wrote in linguaphiles,
Qi Chin

An Introductory Post

Hi all!

I'm really glad I stumbled over this LJ community, as I think "linguaphile" is something I think I can label myself as, and it's great to find so many like-minded people.

I'm a student of historical linguistics. I grew up with German, English, and Chinese, had 4 years of French in school, 3 years of Latin for university, several courses in various old languages, such as Sanskrit, Old Prussian, and Old Persian (this semester), and an intro or two to a bunch of other languages. Finally, I'm trying to teach myself Japanese, which sadly is not easy with a timetable filled with other languages...

So I'm hoping that my time here will be full of exchanges on languages and linguistics with you guys :D


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