Jen / Qua (quabazaa) wrote in linguaphiles,
Jen / Qua

Ogham cursive style..??

I came across the following image while doing a search about Ogham. On a forum this image was posted by a member calling it "Ogham calligraphy". I have never seen any mention of a cursive style anywhere else so I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on the origins of the following script? Also which language it is in? To me it looks more along the lines of Sarati or old Mongolian script. Omniglot is currently down so there goes my favourite script resource! :( Was hoping you guys could help!

The poster claims it says "The final reality that is accessible to human thought is infinite, eternal and without structure or purpose. It is indifferent to our conduct. We are divided from it by our finitude from which structure and purpose arise. These truths glorify or annihilate according to how our thoughts and actions have led us to apprehend them."


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