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French question + language certificate test question

The easy question is about how to write "female" in French. I have this form that I need to fill in, and at "Sexe:" my brain goes pfft and I have no idea what to put. Is it simply "femme"?

The more difficult question relates to language certification. The form I'm filling in is the inscription for the DALF exam, and I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to do it. My French teacher has never had one of her students go through it before, so she can only advise me to a limited extent. So I would like to hear from some people on here who may have taken the exam!

The level I would be going for is C1. I passed the B2 exam last November, with something like 75% (around 15 points for the oral comprehension and around twenty for each of the other parts). So I guess I have nothing to lose in that department; I'll still have my B2 diploma even if I don't succeed in the C1 exam. (In addition to that, taking the exam while still in school makes it free for me, because there is some education board thingy that takes care of the cost. So if I do get the diploma, I'd save quite a lot of money...)

My background in French is nearly seven years of study in school. I'm about to take my final IB exams, and I've been studying French at Higher Level and am most certainly going to achieve the highest grade. I spent three weeks in France a couple of years ago, and I read and write mostly fluently (I'm currently reading Lord of the Rings in the most recent translation, and it's far less difficult than I imagined). The parts of the exam I'm worried about are the oral ones; the listening may well be extremely difficult, and I'm definitely not very confident in my speaking skills (I have them, but I don't like speaking anyway, and so they don't tend to show).

Do you think I should take the exam now, or would it be wiser to wait?

Thanks in advance!
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