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Japanese help (Solved!)

Hello. I am a Japanese student with still sub-par abilities, and I've been asked to translate and interview by a band. It's one of those 20-questions type interviews, so most of it isn't very hard. However, one question has totally stumped me:

14. これだけはムリ!なもの

The answers range from "petting a hedgehog" to "...crabs" to "looking a girl in the eyes for more than 10 seconds". I cannot figure out what the question is.

Also, one of the answers (...okay, so I'll probably have more questions about answers as time goes on, but for the first two members of the band this is the only one I've had problems with).

The question is "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"  I'm linking to an image from the magazine the article is in, so I don't get the kanji wrong: here The first half is "I think I'll be very affluent and making a lot of money", if I'm not wrong? But the second part confuses me. Sort of. The boy is Korean, and they have a mandatory 2-year military draft for every male adult that must be fulfilled before they turn 30. This boy is currently 18. So is he saying "I think I' But I'm worried I'll be in the army" or something completely different. Thank you in advance. Hopefully I won't have to bug you too many times more. I've done more than three-quarters by myself, and should be able to do more. Solved! Thank you.

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