GG (madmouth) wrote in linguaphiles,

phonological changes around you

I don't know whether this is old news or a recent process, but I can hear the Korean sounds [o] and [ɔ] merging into the latter. the common verb ending 요 [jo] is almost always pronounced 여 [jɔ]. the other thing I hear is the alveolar flap pronounced as [n] word-initially (e.g. 'namyun' instead of 'ramyun'), and often kids turn [n] into [d] (e.g. 1st person pronoun 나 [na] pronounced as [da]).

before encountering large groups of Japanese speakers, I had the notion that all the vowels in the language were tense, but all the young people I heard spoke in lax vowels. [i] and [e], especially, sounded like the short vowels in the English words "bit" and "bet"; this is audible in a lot of recent music as well.

what phonological surprises or shifts are you hearing around you?

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