Г-н Фаршеклоакин (spamsink) wrote in linguaphiles,
Г-н Фаршеклоакин

The new reading of Ex. 23:19

Using the World English Bible translation, Exodus 23:19 reads: You shall not boil a young goat in its mother's milk.

This sentence can be decoded using linguistics and chemistry.
It means: You shall not synthesize Nylon-6 (also known as Capron®) from caprolactam.

Capron can be synthesized (the synthesis involves high temperatures, hence the reference to boiling in the Bible) without using the toxic caprolactam as the source ("mother") material - from the much safer aminocaproic acid. The synthesis of Nylon-66 (the original Dupont Nylon®) does not involve caprolactam.

This makes Ex. 23:19 the oldest known environmental protection requirement.

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