Joseph (bonsly) wrote in linguaphiles,

Colloqualism, with an accent on the side.

Colloquial and Archaic.... My mind doesn't seem to want to wrap around the concept of these two. I've looked them up, but still, my mind boggles. As I type this, I'm trying to think of what they mean, but I draw blanks. Fellow linguaphiles, mind helping out?! The more examples the better.

So, I've found that now as I'm learning new languages, mainly the Romance ones, I'm acquiring a stronger accent when speaking English. In it of itself, English is not my native tongue, Spanish. And eventhough I started speaking English at the age of five, I still got an accent because of the Spanish. Go figure. However, because of all the Romance in my life, I notice that I expand on the vowels in English.

E.g. "More" I say it like "Moooaar." "Because" like "Bicoohs"

Not all the time, but it's becoming more of a regular thing. Anybody else has this happen to them?

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